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What Extension Cabinet is This?

Spotted on Reverb, seller says it's a "Music Man Extension Cab 1x10" Speaker Rare". Looks similar to a cube-shaped closed back 112 MM cab I had, except this one doesn't seem to have a handle or feet. And does it appear its input jack is on the side?

Definitely not the open-back wide cabinet 110x, any idea what it is?




it must be 110BX. It doesn't appear in the 1982 price list, but could have been made in 1983. Or it's actually 112X and the seller just thinks it a 12" speaker. Either way, probably made to accompany the 120B head.

Lars Verholt


110BX Seems Likely

Compared to the 112BX cabinet I had (17.5 x 17.5" x 12" with Music Man labeled Eminence 12" 8 ohm speaker that looked original), you can see this cabinet is smaller. Maybe 15" x 15" x 12"? Wonder what speaker is inside?


Just a guess

Could be A10RH - but it's only rated at 75 watts. I guess you will have to buy this one and let us know :)

Lars Verholt


Curiosity got the better of me so...

...I took Lars' advice and purchased the cabinet.

* 11.25" deep x 13.25" wide by 15.75" tall
* A10RH speaker (code 677823 = Eminence, 23rd week of 1978)
* Closed cabinet with insulation/batting inside
* Recessed front baffle has 4.25" x 1.75" port cut into it
* Front grill frame attached with Velcro
* Speaker jack on side or top (depending how you orient cabinet)
* No sign of ever having feet or a handle

The cab is as tall as my RD 50 110 amp, not as wide, and deeper front to back. Thinking it might pair well with that amp, add some bottom end punch.

So is this the 110BX cabinet?


Looks legit

I'm honored - (in case my wife is reading this, I claim no responsibility ;) )

I am glad you got such a rare piece and it will undoubtedly add some punch to the sound. A10RH is a great speaker.
Since MM had so many parts and did everything in house, they could have made small runs or one-offs that never made it into the catalogs or price lists. I've heard of, say, a 1x15 RD-50 combo (essentially an RD-50 chassis in the 120B 1x15 combo cab with no back) existing even if they are nowhere to be found in the official sales materials.

Nicely done.

Lars Verholt


Some photos of the 110 cabinet


Follow up re: 110 Cabinet

Used the 110 cabinet along with an RD50 110 (with Eminence Cannabis Rex speaker) at a friends jam last weekend, sounded great, very well balanced with the combo amp, projected nicely. A 2x10 RD50 is a very nice configuration...


My guess is a 110X.

My guess is a 110X. Dimensions for those are 13 x 17-5/8 x 10...very close. Rare bird anyway

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