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410 HD One Fifty

Just found and joined this Forum tonight. Have been checking out a lot of posts. Thanks to all that have posted.
Bought this Amp in 1987 for $500, thought it was an 83. Now I'm thinking it's an early 82. Transformer date code puts it's man. date at November of 1980. Original speakers date code says the man. date was July of 1981.

Anyway my Amp is totally stock, when I was a practicing musician was my main stage amp, sat on top of a Marshall 2x12 bottom cabinet. Used to mic both cabs with SM 57's.

If i used a pedal I used channel 1 but usually run straight into channel 2 with volume on around 7 and the master wherever it needed to be.
Awesome amp, now I use a Marshall mini stack for practice because the Music Man can get a bit loud. Still use it though and most people cannot tell the difference, lol.

It is about time for a recap, any recommendations would be appreciated.

Going to do a little cosmetic work, Straps, corners, etc... and I will post some pics.

very versatile, I play a Strat, SG, Les Paul and a PRS Tremonti through it. Depends on what sound I feel like. (if you know what I mean)
Thanks for creating this resource and may god bless you all. lol.

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Hi Shawn,

Hi Shawn,
It has been a while since visiting, but I'm glad to see another HD150 user. Mine is the 210. I ran mine with a Peavey 2x12 bottom cabinet. I gigged this amp for years, and with the exception of new grill cloth, it is still all original, down to the tubes :)

Been through a number of rigs, but my 210HD 150, and my '88 Mesa Boogie MKIII blue stripe have been mainstays.

Hopefully you received some help with your questions.


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