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A10 GHD alnico speaker

Looking for A10 GHD alnico speaker for my 410 cabinet.
I am even willing to buy one that needs reconing or repair as long as it is 10 inch alnico A10 GHD.
Thank you.


I was really hoping I can

I was really hoping I can find the speaker somewhere but it has been 3 years that I am looking for one and no luck.

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I see a listing on Reverb.com...so they can be found.
The Reverb listing says the A10-GHD was made by Eminence Speakers... so you might be able to find the same speakers without the Music Man sticker by looking for an Eminence.


Thank you for replying. All

Thank you for replying. All the listings on reverb and other places have been sold for a while.
Seems like A10GHD eminence was only music man option. I love the amp and want to keep it original.
Thanks a lot.

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Sorry- got two but want to

Sorry- got two but want to keep THEM in case I sell MY MM! Mike.


You can sell me one of them!

You can sell me one of them! I only need one.
Consider it at least. I am struggling to find one for a long time now my music man is getting restored and re capped and i really want the original speaker. :).
Thanks anyways.


Found the speakers

I found the speaker and I am in the process of fully restoring the amp.

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