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Speakers for HD 130

Hi folks!

So have recently acquired the second of my dream amps and by that has completed my soul searching as far as amps goes. The other amp being a Fender Dual Showman Reverb head ca 74-76.
I run them both into a Marshall 4×12 cab hooked up so that one amp has the two speakers to the left and the other amp, the two speakers to the right.
This might not be optimal, but money and space is the enemy.

Now the Fender amp plays through two Rola Celestion G12 speakers and sounds awesome.
The MM HD 130 however does not really open up..
I run it through two unmatched (different brands, one Weber and one unknown from a Fender combo) speakers at the moment. I've tried it with the Celestions but that doesn't sound as good as with the Fender amp.

Thing is, I have really heard this amp model sing and I want mine to do the same.

What would you recommend?
Brand, model, watt etc..

Think Pink Floyd-ish clean and articulated.

I am kind of new to experimenting with speakers so apologies if I sound daft.

Best regards


My Friends Drive Celestions

It's proly just me and I'm no expert, but I really like the thick sound of Celestion G12H-75 Creamback being pushed by my RD65. Tried it with a Fender SuperSonic too and it had more "presence" than its stock Celestion Vintage 30 (which also sounds very good). Lots of folks rave about Weber but I have not heard them. Eminence Cannabis Rex is also popular. Perhaps some others will chime in with their thoughts. Have fun. -mgriffin


So G12H, are they made to

So G12H, are they made to handle both guitar and bass?
I'm thinking about the "H".
If that is the case they are very interesting.


H for Heavier Magnet

Here's what Celestion has to say.

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Speakers for HD 130

There is an impedance switch on the HD 130 head... so I would check the existing speaker set-up for load resistance since it it a modified cabinet. Is the speaker combination you are connecting the HD 130 giving you closer 4, 8 or 16 Ohms on a multi-meter? Assuming they are giving you 4 or 8 ohm select the switch accordingly. If you see an 16 ohm load on either side re-wire it.

How does the Dual Showman sound through the unmatched side? The same, or worse than through the matched Celestians? The Dual Showman would looking for a 4-ohm load for its best sound... but would fine at 8-ohm.


They are supposed to be 8ohms

They are supposed to be 8ohms both of them, but I have to check with the multi meter as you say.
I've wired them to be 4ohms and has the switch in that position.

The speakers are mismatched when it comes to watts.
One is actually only 35w and the other I don't know the wattage. But it came from an amp putting out 75w.
I figured that playing with the amp in low power mode would work.
Since the watts from the amp gets split to the speakers right? Or am I wrong here?

Anyway I felt I could spare those speakers if the amp turnes out to blow them.

I haven't tried the Fender with them though.. Perhaps I should. It became that way simply because the Fender sounded better through the celestions than the MM did.



Hello everyone, I am new to this forum.
I have 130 HD with 410 cabinets and one of the original A10 GHD speakers has been replaced with mismatched fender newer speaker.
I have been trying to find the original speaker for a while now and no luck. I am even willing to purchase one that need to be reconed as long as the voice coil is ok and it is A10 GHD.
Any help is much appreciated.


410-HD One Thirty speaker impedance?

Hi everyone, I am trying to determine the impedance of the original speakers. There is no indication on the speakers. The only marking on the speakers is A10-GHD67-7701.


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USUALLY, unless they have

USUALLY, unless they have been changed, they will be 8 ohms. You should measure them with a VOM to be sure. They should measure about 6.5 ohms of direct resistance when they are 8 ohms of impedance.

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