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212-HD 130

Hey Guys,

Got my first music man a couple months ago and am in the process of fixing her up.
This website has been a great resource.

Here’s my info:
Music Man 130-HD 212
Chassis Number: 2475-130
Serial Number: CO01535

Here’s some codes off transformers that I used to date (since it looks like my speakers aren’t original):

Of the two speakers only one appears to be a music man speaker, the sticker isn’t on it. Has anyone else seen these square back eminences without the music man sticker on it?
It’s codes read:

My other speakers blown, so I’ll have to replace it. Looking for suggestions!! Was recommended greenbacks.

I’ve replaced the caps on the board and gonna replace the power caps in a day or so. Haven’t seen any writing on the boards to suggest a date like others have suggested.

It has the 12ax7. There is a paper stapled to the inside of the cabinet with a tube diagram. It shows that you can have either 6l6’s/el34s in them. I know there’s discussion about what came stock, el34’s vs 6l6’s. There’s el34s in her at the moment, I ordered a fresh set of matched quads jjel34s to put in.

I’m also missing the Music Man badge unfortunately. Which badge would I be looking for? When did music man reverse the colors?

My guess is it was probably made in ‘76 if I had to.

Anyways, nice to join the party

Edit: I’m adding more pictures since I changed out the power caps today. I could probably find a cap list if anyone is interested




your amp is a 1st generation 130 reverb design so 1976 sounds reasonable.
Made for EL34 or 6CA7, not 6L6. I would suggest having the blown speaker reconed.

Lars Verholt

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