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HD 150 channel 2 not working

Wondering if anyone has run into this. I’ve had my HD-150 for decades. It’s worked fine until a few months ago, wasn’t even playing it at the time. Anyway the first channel still works spectacularly, but the bright channel with the reverb/trem(phasor) thing isn’t passing any sound. Well, the reverb tank still makes a ruckus if you give it a smack, but nothing passes from the inputs. I mostly used this channel, so it’s a bit of a bummer. Anyone seen this?





IC 2 is the Op-amp in CH2 - it may be defective or there is a bad connection, could even be dirty IC socket. I would start by swapping IC1 and IC2 and see if the dead channel is now CH1. If so, you have the solution.

Lars Verholt


Thank you!

Cheers Lars! Easiest repair ever. I had some TL072’s laying around, so I swapped it in and channel two came right back to life! Thank you so much!

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