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Sending my HD130 210 up for repair

Hello, I am the owner of a Music Man HD130 410. It's an awesome amp with a beatiful clean tone and lots of character.
I've converted it to two speakers instead of four because of weight issues.
It worked fine for a very long time but the last 5 to 6 years it stopped working properly.
The tremolo doesn't work it affects the overall volume, channel one doesn't work, channel two works fine in low gain but in high gain the tubes begin to glow more than normal and overheats.
I have send it to repair a few times but still no real solutions on those issues.
Is there someone who is a qualified Music Man technician so that I can possibility send the chassis for repair?
Thank you!


Where are you located?

HI Ryan,

I think it would help if people knew where you were?

(in Ontario, Canada)


Hello, I'm Aruba.

Hello, I'm Aruba.
I'll have to ship it in order to have it repaired, which is not a big problem

Dubby Dub Dub

If you're in the UK I took

If you're in the UK I took mine to see Pat at Manchester pro audio. He hadn't worked on many musicman amps in the past but really knew his stuff. He works on gear for all the big players in town and the go to man for equipment failures for touring bands, he was showing Bruce Springsteen guitarist's amp that needed work last time I was in.

I had a similar problem with the high power on my sixty five 210, I got it recapped and some other bits and pieces along with a KT88 mod...I had 780 volts on the plates.

Just make sure who ever you send it to understands amplifier design and can appreciate what the musicman designers did. They run positive voltages for example.

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