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Hd130 anyone know its width? Fit in a fender deluxe cab?

I have a vintage head that im considering converting into a combo.

I know a deluxe reverb chassis is the same width.... Or by a hair. Will it fit?? Anyone know the exact width of a mm hd130? Im on the road right now but i could swear i measured 22.5 inch

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i"m not at home either but

i"m not at home either but will be back in town thursday and I can measure. Have a spare 130 hd amp that came from a head that is up in the rafters. Mike.

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From the 77 Catalog:

The HD 130 is 22.75 (outside cab dimensions).
The HD 130 reverb is 24.5 (outside dimensions).
Minus the cab thickness (x2)
The HD 130 chassis should be 21.25" The HD 130 Reverb chassis should be 23"

I measured a Mojo Deluxe Reverb chassis I have, and it is 22.375". So the Non reverb 130 should fit!

Too bad, I have a clean 112 RD cab I bought for the speaker that I plan to sell, but the RD One Hundred is listed at 22.625", so the chassis should only be 21.125"

Verified, a RD112 One Hundred chassis opening is 21 1/8" (21.125").


It's in the chassis number

The MM chassis all have a number, say, 2275-65 - means 65 watts and the chassis is 22.75" wide.

Lars Verholt

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Thanks for that!

(Little known facts!)

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Is your HD 130 Non Reverb?

If it is, the cab I have should work for you!
It's pretty clean, just a couple of dings on the bottom rear.

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