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112-RD-65 problem

I have a 112-RD-65 that sounds very compressed and low on volume when the bass is turned up. Happens in both channels. Any suggestions where to start troubleshooting? Low voltage supply is fine +16/-16 volts at all IC's. Bias is set at 25mv/34Mv. Filter caps have been replaced but not the rest of the electrolytics on the pc board. Also, does anyone have a layout for the GD-2A pcb? Any help appreciated.


A couple of suggestions

Hi stratube,

you need to find out where the problem is happening. When you say 'bass is turned up' what does that mean exactly?
If you take signal from the 'lo' insert point to an external amp, is the signal exhibiting the same issue as you get from the speaker? If it's good at the 'lo' point, what about at 'hi'?

If it's good at both insert points check the signal around the phase splitter chip.

Lars Verholt

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