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Hi, my 112rp need new tubes,
I understoud that strong tubes are needed because of the strong voltage in MMamps and JJtubes seem ok regarding to what I've red; right?
what about these JJ el34ii?


112RP tubes

It depends on what sound you’re looking for. If you have a 1978-1979 112RP it requires 6CA7 or EL34 tubes. 1980-1984 take 6L6. I have JJ 6CA7 in my 100RP. I prefer a lot of clean headroom so these fit my needs. If you want early overdrive and less headroom then EL34 is a good choice. JJ tubes sound good to my ears and have a reputation for reliability.


ok 6CA7 / el34, el34ii

thanks for the reply ;) !
79 is written on the board of the amp.
I really appreciate the way it takes overdrive pedals, its ability to sound from sweet cleans, to sweet creamy overdrive to enormous and well defined distortion; it has run nearly two years (Idon't play it everyday) with a pair of el34B.
I didn't know about the more headroom with 6CA7; as I may look for headroom, that that amp offers, large frequency spectrum & reliability is what I'm looking for.
I'm thinking in JJel34ii after looking at its caracteristics and some reviews and wonder if they'll be good in my amp and to my ears...
did anyone experiment these JJel34ii or have an oppinion??


Tubes for MM Amps

If you cant find NOS US or used US tubes with some life still in them at a reasonable price, JJs or the older SED Winged C logo (=C=) tubes seem to hold up and sound best in the MM amps I've tried them in.

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