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Master Volume Pot Value and Taper?

Getting a 1978 65 Reverb Head ready to gig for a local guitarist, got it cleaned up and biased, but noticed the Master Volume acts like an On/Off switch - completely on at 0 - 9, competely off at 10. Checking the pot, I see it's a later replacement, 1M audio taper. According to the schematic, it should be a 10K linear taper.

Before I replace it, did MM ever use a 1M audio pot as a Master Volume control? If so, I'll recheck the wiring and pot itself to see if either is damaged.



Turns out 1M Audio Pot is Correct

I opened up another 65 (early 210 combo) amp I have onhand to recap, and sure enough its Master Volume is a 1M audio pot. Noted that it's connections (three wires) were in a completely differently order than the one in the 65 head. Changed the wiring of the pot in the head, and problem solved!

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