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MM HD 130 Head


This is probably the wrong forum to post a question but I couldn't work out which one was the more correct so I just went ahead. Hope you don't mind!

My HD 130 head is not much to brag about, to be honest. It's very worn and in dire need of professional internal maintenance but I love it nonetheless and I guess I don't need to try to explain why on this message board :)

So to my question. I have noticed that most HD 130 heads seem to have a three-way Hi-Off-Lo switch on the front while mine only has a two-way switch for hi or low. Do anyone know why? I don't look like its been modified.

Many thanks in advance!

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HMMM. Is there a power

HMMM. Is there a power switch on the back to turn it on and off? I seem to remember Lars talking about import amps of one type or other having something different but I DON'T remember well enough to sprout any opinion. Are you IN the US or out of country? Mike


Thank you for your reply! And

Thank you for your reply! And sorry for my late reply to yours : )

Aha! I am a Swede living in Sweden so in that case, mine is probably an import amp : ) And yes, there is both a power switch and a standby switch on the backside.

I wonder why they did that though, probably due to European regulations or something but I'm not sure I've encountered it earlier. Usually, the only difference is the power cord plug.

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