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Replacement Speaker Baffle for 110 RD-50?

Hi. Does anyone know of a place to get a replacement speaker baffle for a 110 RD-50?

1. A previous owner appears to have tried to enlarge the original baffle to fit a 12 inch speaker. At least that's what it looks like to me.
2. Later, someone then replaced that baffle with a particle board baffle cut to fit a 10 inch speaker, but left some of the bottom of the original (modified to fit the 12 inch speaker) baffle intact. They screwed the 10 inch speaker particle board baffle into some remaining parts of the original baffle, it appears.
3. The issue is that this particle board baffle for the 10 inch speaker is sagging now under the weight of the 10 inch speaker. It must be very thin. Also, it all just looks "wrong".
4. The good news is it looks like the 10 inch speaker is still the original speaker.

Does anyone know where to get a direct replacement speaker baffle for the 10 inch speaker for this amp? I would like to return it to stock.




Hi, I can't believe someone would do that to a perfectly good amp. Are you or a buddy handy with power saws and drills? You may have to fabricate a replacement? -mgriffin


Will need someone to do it for me.

Hi. Thanks. I agree - I don't know why someone did that, especially considering that they could've just used an external speaker if they wanted to. Seems odd.

If a replacement has to be fabricated, I accept it of course. Unfortunately, I don't have the tools or space to do the woodwork myself and don't know anyone who could. I could ask a local amp tech to do this work the next time I get the amp serviced, but I'd rather provide him with a direct replacement to make sure it works out the way I want it to. Also, I might save on cost by providing the baffle to him directly myself since repairs where I live are costly. In other words, asking the local tech to fabricate a baffle from scratch may add a lot to the service cost.

Thanks for the input so far. I'm still hoping to turn up something off-the-shelf (somehow).


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Have you tried fleebay? I

Have you tried fleebay? I mean, unless you get stupid lucky, it will be hard to find. I always just MAKE the damned things. Mike.


Tried fleebay....no luck there.

Hi. Yes, I tried fleebay. Nothing there yet. I agree that it will be hard to find. I was hoping someone in this forum might have some kind of insight on how to source a direct replacement.

Since I last posted I've found some places online that seem like they would make one for me but I still need to research the dimensions more thoroughly (including thickness of the baffle itself - I don't want to make assumptions on that). Some places online install the grill cloth, too, so I want to check that out more carefully and also research which companies will paint the inside of the baffle (flat black).

I still need to look into the issue with the partially cut out "cleat" (I think it's called?), where someone had cut out part of the bottom wood baffle mounting strip (attached to the base of the cabinet) to make room for the 12 inch speaker. I want to try to resolve that, too, ideally. May seem overboard, but I'd rather just deal with all of the issues if I can.

If I get any further traction on this topic, I'll post more info. Maybe it'll help someone in the future.

Thanks again.

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