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Footswitch for MM sixty/five Reverb Head

Bought a MM Sixty-five Reverb head today for $350. The reverb is not working... but the foot switch was not hooked up. Hoping it was because it was switched off. Would someone confirm that Red is reverb??? I assume it is since there is a red dot next to the hole labeled Reverb. Thanks



Correct, red dot jack is reverb. However, the reverb will be on if the foot switch is not hooked up (the same is true for the tremolo). There are a few reasons why the reverb would not work, and I can recommend looking through similar threads on this forum for more troubleshooting steps and results. Both the send and recovery stages inside the amp have to work, the cables to and from the reverb tank must pass signal and the tank itself must work too. The tank may have a bad connection or a broken wire inside - a very common issue.

Lars Verholt

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Thank you Lars. I have talked to owner of music store and he said he will take a look. If he can't fix it, I know an amp guy that is very good, would be surprised if he could not remedy the problem. The amp still sounds amazing even without the reverb...

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