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Music Man 115RP Rework

I bought my Music Man 115RP back in 1980ish or so at a local music store. I have had this amp ever since. It must have 100,000 miles on it now. I replaced the to tubes for the first time today 03/21/2018. The Grill cloth was torn from many years ago and the speaker was looking kind of battered, so New tubes, cloth and Jensen Speaker. Sounds like it always has since new. Ready for another 100,000 miles............

Or 38 years, which ever comes first.

J. Wallace

Big Al 6

nice looking amp

hey man, your amp sure don't look like it has that many miles on it. great job on the cloth.


Grill Cloth

Looks fantastic!. Question. It looks like the lines on the cloth are running vertical instead of horizontal? BTW. I have and HD-130 Head from the 70's. It has black cloth. I am trying to figure out if someone recovered it in black cloth? Lars had mentioned that some "specimens" may indeed have been layered with black cloth. Do you happen to know? thanks, Tim

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Black grill cloth

I have a HD230 2x12 w the tube inverter so it should be a mid 70s. Grill cloth is black and I can’t really find any evidence it was replaced. I’m intrigued that there were maybe “specimens” that didn’t have the traditional cloth. Is there a reference to confirm this?


Black grill cloth

Goodwassabi. Thanks for your post. Glad to know that there were other black cloth "specimens" out there. I have never heard back from Lars regarding this. I think he knows and might be able to solve this mystery :-) Mystery to me anyway. hahaha.

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