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112RD-65 Speaker Replacement

My buddy gave me his old music man 112RD-65 and it’s at the repair shop now. The speaker doesn’t have any identification on it. The cone is torn and cap is shredded.
What would be a good replacement speaker that would retain the music man sound?


A12G or C12G

Depending on the year, the 112RD-65 had either an Eminence AlNiCo A12G or a ceramic C12G. If you have one of those, it would be worth reconing. An EVM-12L or an EV Force 12 would be upgrades.

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Just for grins, I put a

Just for grins, I put a Scumback 65 in mine. To me, the amp sounds like a Deluxe Reverb on steroids :)))

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