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112RD-65 Speaker Replacement

My buddy gave me his old music man 112RD-65 and it’s at the repair shop now. The speaker doesn’t have any identification on it. The cone is torn and cap is shredded.
What would be a good replacement speaker that would retain the music man sound?


A12G or C12G

Depending on the year, the 112RD-65 had either an Eminence AlNiCo A12G or a ceramic C12G. If you have one of those, it would be worth reconing. An EVM-12L or an EV Force 12 would be upgrades.

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Just for grins, I put a

Just for grins, I put a Scumback 65 in mine. To me, the amp sounds like a Deluxe Reverb on steroids :)))

Dubby Dub Dub

I've got one of these with

I've got one of these with the original C12G in, I ran it through my mates cab which I think is one of those ultra sensitive hemp cones and it sounded much better, I'm thinking the original might be passed it's best. Was thinking of upgrading to something else, will a recone be much better?

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