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New guy with a MM 112 RP100

Just picked up a RP 112 today local for 400.00 cash, fairly clean, sounds great, reverb was changed to a small Ruby tank and the speaker is a God awful heavy JBL e120 . Im trying to figure out how to make the reverb more surfy instead of a hall sound and looking for a lighter weight speaker for this beast, Thanks for all that respond, this is an excellant forum.I also see the tubes are EL34 and not 6v6 or 6l6?

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My '81 RD 100 had a small tank!

I changed it to a 4 series "Mod" tank, and got a fuller reverb.

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Thanks for the tip! I

Thanks for the tip! I actually just bought a set of J&J EL34L s and the reverb has gotten quite a bit stronger its more like a hall verb than a spring type


Short is standard

The RD and RP series all came with short type 8 3-spring tanks. I have only seen Accutronics and O.C. as OEM units, but the new MOD units will work fine. If one would like the longer decay of the 17" tanks, I see no reason why it wouldn't work in the 2165 chassis amps (RD/RP 65 and 100). They will not work in 1650 chassis amps.

Lars Verholt

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