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Had the stack out and about yesterday

My band House Brand had the pleasure of playing a benefit concert yesterday afternoon/early evening. The proceeds going to a local shelter for homeless youth. I'm sure you have Arby's beef sandwich shops down in the U.S. - it was on the deck in front of the local Arby's we played, and we could go as loud as we wanted to compete with a busy road in rush hour.
So, of course I took the HD-130R/210X/210RH stack out, our rhythm guitar player used the RD-50 110 as usual, but we put a 57 on it to lift it just a tad and spread out the sound. Single speaker amps get very directional in an outdoor situation.

The show had to have something for everyone so if you go to https://www.facebook.com/HouseBrandMusic you will see us play Margaritaville - any kids listening would hopefully not be too affected by it.

We are in Canada, so we naturally have to play local music too - the penultimate song of the show being Taking Care of Business, which was captured by a spectator and posted on her FB page:

(the picture quality is not the greatest, but you can sorta hear the guitars a little)


-Lars Verholt



The dude on the roof that you can see in the video was part of the fundraiser. He's spending three days up there (long weekend here in Canada) and has a bucket on a string you can put money into passing by. Was sorta interesting to have your own dedicated peanut gallery behind you for the show.

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