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Music Man HD130 SS PI

Hi guys,

There is a MM HD130 to sell in France. The guy who sells it sent me some pictures and it appears that there is no 12AX7.
My only experience with the bass head is the model with the 12AX7 PI (of which I really liked the overdrive), do you think that the SS PI version is really different ?

Thanks for the input!


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They SOUND different to ME

They SOUND different to ME but I'm weird! They ARE more stable and reliable. If you are pedal-ing anyway, they are great. They take pedals well. For bass, I would think they would sound great and even be a little cleaner. Kind of depends on whether it's a deal or not. I personally use solid state amps when I have to do a bass gig so maybe I'm not the right guy to opine on this but you KNOW I love MM's. Mike.

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They could be different for

They could be different for sure... maybe I should give it a try ? I usually use the basic clean sound and add a little preamp dirt (à la Clapton on the "Just one night" album), just a touch of reverb, a compressor and that's it.
Yeah it is quite a deal here in Europe, the guy is selling it for 550€ (but the grillcloth is a bit worn out and the original back panel is missing).
Thanks for your answer Mike!

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