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Joel DC
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no amps on stage

Our church just installed a new digital mixer and a new breaker box that finally got rid of a constant buzz that has been a source of unwanted noise for years. Anyway ,after getting a pile of MM amps, we are going ampless. I,for one,do not like ampless (balless) but the out front sound is really good. I will prolly end up wearing headphones at some point for monitoring but I really miss being able to tune and noodle at low volume. I'm using a Tech 21 Flyrig5 into a H&K Redbox for going direct. While I have a "good" tone, I really miss an amp...but don't miss carrying one.
Still use a MusicMan for my gospel group though and nursing homes gigs.

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Ampless would drive me insane

Ampless would drive me insane. Got to agree. What's the old saying about prying my cold dead fingers from my.........

Oh got those mixed up! Still the same! Mike.

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Nope, would not like that, I

Nope, would not like that, I need a knob or two to twist every now and then.
I never really liked being mic'd and having to play through a pa system either.

But that's just me..

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