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RD-210 Footswitch - modding, cable replacement

Im interested in changing the cable / maybe modding abit the footswitch.
My thought were to remove the cable I got which is a bit cracked and dosnt seem in best shape anymore...

I want to drill a place for a jack on the foot-switch itself. create a new cable with 2x 1,5 mm wires (is it thick enough?) one side of it has the RCA connectors from the amp and the other side would be a jack plug that plugs to the jack on the foot switch

therefore want to know what kind of jack do it need stereo or mono ? can this change that I'm talking about do any changes to the sound or damage the amp ?

also I only have an LED for the distortion channel. I thought - wouldn't it be nice to have an LED indication for the reverb switch as well ??

best regards and thanks for the support!

(A very very happy RD-210 Music Man user)


May not need to drill

Hi Assaf,

the foot switch already has a hole where you could mount a stereo jack socket. There isn't enough room to mount a 1/4" socket flat (at a right angle) in the sloped side of the foot switch, but you may be able to mount it crooked so the jack goes in parallel to the floor. My own way of making RD/RP foot switches detachable is to get a pair of RCA extender jack/plugs. It is well worth the extra expense to get solid metal ones that won't crush if you step on it on stage. I cut the wire by the amp so it will extend maybe 4" out the back - just enough to comfortably hook up the foot switch without having to reach inside the amp. You can put a cable clamp on one of the screws holding the reverb tank (if not already in place) to further keep this pigtail in place.

If you still want to mount a jack in the foot switch housing but don't like the idea of a 1/4" size, you could try 1/8" - still with TRS (stereo).

The indicator LED works on the distortion channel because it's a DC control signal. The reverb side simply grounds the audio signal from the reverb recovery amp - the equivalent of turning the reverb knob to zero. MM could have implemented DC switching of the reverb channel to allow for dual LED indicators but that would have required at least one more switching circuit which in turn could necessitate either an additional or a larger switch chip and made the amp cost more.

Happy playing,

Lars Verholt


i see where you are getting...

I might give up the jack on the foot switch idea.
mainly i just want to have the cable replaced with a "nowadays", newer, stabler cable. So if not a jack on the foot switch it can also be a jack at the back of the amp. my thought is simply to have the foot-switch be able to be dis-attached easily (just like at the fender amps).
so one question comes in mind - I need a stereo jack with 3 lugs ?

about the LED - Im pretty sure I can give up the idea. But in case not - isn't there a way to add a DC control to the reverb switch as well - let's say with an external 9v battery clip ? or even better - a 9v dc jack ? (as I am using a power brick to powerup 9v effects while playing - I can easily plug it as well to the foot switch)
its not that important as in the current projects I got the reverb constantly - ON - just thinking a bit further for cases I wont be wanting the reverb lets say..

thanks for your help!


reading you comment again..

I think im talking about 2 mods:
1. would be to extend the rca connections from the amp it self a few inches out of the amp (to be able to dis attach them)
2. would be to replace the whole cable (the original cable) of the footswitch which is a bit "over steped on". and then Im not looking at 1\4" jacks anymore... but on RCA.
I guess I just have to find a really good cable that can be staped on. After all this mod is important cause I want the cable to be like a guitar cable which is really stable and can take steps (on stages, rehearsal room) as Im using the footswitch in my pedal row

of course if anyone sees another possible recommendation - be my guest!


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If you have to have an LED on

If you have to have an LED on the reverb, use a DPDT footswitch.
One side of the switch, grounds the reverb, (off), the other side, opens when the reverb is shorted, and closed when open. Add battery, appropriate dropping resister, and LED, and you're all set!
A great chassis for foot switches is the newer Fender wedge type, and they are often availlable for little money.


another question about the ground

so the RCA cabel carries the red line, white line and one ground for both right ?
or is it 2 separate grounds ?
cause in this case I might even use a stereo TRS cable for this job

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Here is a Pic!

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