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112-RD 100 repaired and refurbed

Thanks to my buddy Greg, we got this thing back on it's feet at the end of last week. I wanted to get a few hours of playing time to make sure we're back in business.

This amp went up in smoke (literal) last Spring. I couldn't wait for a long repair so I got my hands on something else and let it sit. Greg is an electrical engineer friend that kept bugging me to have him take a look. Lo and Behold... he replaced a few resistors, transistors and we're good to go. He even has an old tube tester, very handy.

I took the chance to replace the grill cloth and clean away the grunge. I still have to clean up the corners and do something with the tolex tears at the bottom, but it looks as pretty as it sounds.

It still has the stock speaker and sounds good...but it's 18 lbs. At some point, that thing needs to be replaced.

Joel DC
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That looks great! Congrats on

That looks great! Congrats on getting your amp going again. A Eminence neo mag speaker really lightened my RD112 alot and sounds good to my ears.

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Nice grill job! :)

Nice grill job! :)

Erwin Rosheuvel
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Excellent job, compliments!

Excellent job, compliments! Hopefully my 30 year old MM 212 HD One Fifty will look like yours after it is refurbished. Actually I brought it yesterday to a vintage amplifier restore guy here in the south of the Netherlands (www.henderamps.nl)

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