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Clyde Hoover

MMHD130 treble cut mod?

I recently obtained a MMHD130 head from around '76, which I have been using for bass guitar (primarily). I love the sound of the head when I play with fingers, however the second I grab a pick the whole amp becomes a treble MONSTER. I can't seem to be able to get a sound out of it that isn't totally wild with treble. I recorded electric guitars through it the other day at my studio as well, and once again, I had to back the treble right off in order to stop the old ice-pick-in-the-ears thing. I have tried just single channel as well as jumping the channels together, but you can't really do much tone shaping when both knobs are set to 0.

I am kinda at a loss as to what to do. I watched a video of a bass player using a HD130 last night, and he had the treble on 10 in his video. 10! And the mids as well were on about 7! Last night I used my head at a rehearsal and had my settings as follows, and it still felt too ice-picky to me.

Deep: ON
Bright (both channels): OFF

Bass: 9

Mids: 3

Treble (both channels): 0

Is there a way to mod the head at all to take some more high end out? Or does this sound familiar to anyone here?

Thanks guys!