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LEDs on Footswitches for RP/RD

I have a 112-RP that needs a new footswitch (I have the original but the switches and cable are worn out).

I was getting ready to buy the LED-equipped footswitch that Studio Sound Electronics sells (http://amprepairparts.com/footswitches.htm, scroll down to look for part no. Part #FBS-251 for the Music Man-compatible LED model). After looking at this forum's scans of the original RP/RD owner's manual, I noticed that RD footswitches had an LED indicator while RPs did not.

My original footswitch's casing is in decent enough shape that I think I'll just get the replacement 12.5' cable and switches (Carling SPST) which Studio Sound Electronics offer at the bottom of that same page (http://amprepairparts.com/footswitches.htm#wire). I remember reading that sometimes the standard Fender two-button footswitches didn't have shielded cabling and that they'd not be a good replacement for Music Man amps. I presume that any reverb noise issues have to do with the model which has the LEDs and that, provided I wire it up correctly, that replacement wire will work fine with my 112RP switch.

Or am I missing something?


Not sure what you're asking?

If your foot switch is worn out, then yes, by all means replace the wires and the switches. You are correct, the LED is only found in the RD-type. There is only one LED and that's for the distortion switch circuit. The reverb part is identical on all models.

Lars Verholt

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