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Music Man 110X Extension Cabinet

.. so I just bought what I assume is Music Man's 110X model extension cabinet from a Georgia Guitar Center, and the speaker dates to July of 1981. I only assume it to be the 110X, according to a picture and specs featured in the 1982 product catalog & price list posted on Pacair's Music Man page. Seems there aren't many of these around! It's got a number or code brass-pinned to the inside of the cabinet, that reads 'S17334'. Anyone know anything about what that code could break down to mean? Super interested in any info I could find.

It's up front in the attached photo, accompanied by my '74-built Music Man 210-65.

Thanks so much!


Yep, that's what it is

Hi JK47,

that does indeed look like it's a 110X. Nice score! Can you post a picture of the back too?
I've only seen a picture of this model once before - on eBay where it was posted with an RD-50 head. The 110X and RD-50 combo, I would think, is the ultimate MM combination for the sore back.
I have the 210X - the shape is not nearly as nice as yours though. Would love to run into a 112X to pair up with my 112-65 combo.

Lars Verholt

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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info!
That's awesome that somebody out there has a 210X!
Those 210-RH cabinets are out there, but they're just too damn big!

I'll tell ya, I would LOVE to find another 110X, but.. from what it sounds like, the total number of manufactured X-cabinets seems to be countable on two hands, hahahaha..

Anyways, yeah, I posted the link to the photo showing the back of the cabinet, below, and I also threw in a link to a shot with the back panels off, just before I gave the cabinet a good cleaning, as it definitely must've spent a good amount of time in a dusty basement or garage before it was sold to the seller I bought it from.





I too have a 210X as well as a 112X and a pair of 112XB's. I love these extension cabs.

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More acquired!

.. so, since the last update with the 210-65 from New Jersey and the 110X cabinet from an Atlanta Guitar Center, I stumbled upon a 112X that was paired up with 65 non-reverb head at a Guitar Center out of Dallas, Texas. Couldn't resist, so, I bought it.
A few days later, I started talking to Etta James' guitar player, and bought it his 112XB..

Needless to say, I think I'm set, now! :)
Just in time for festival season, too! I'm gonna line these cabinets up, one by one!

Here's what the collection looks like, now. ;)


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Damn, that's a nice

Damn, that's a nice collection.



I am writing from Germany and my english is not the best. I am the lucky owner of a 112 RD fifty with a 110X box.
I believe that I am the only owner of a 110x box in Europe. And I'm happy to have found someone here who also owns a 110x.


1x10 box

Hi Werner, let me know if you sell it or if you see another in Germany for sale!
I have an RD50 head and would love to find a Music Man 1x10 or 1x12 box.
[I'm next door in the Czech Republic]
If I can't find one I will order a Tube Town 1x12 and slap a Music Man logo on it.
Grüße, BK

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