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Joan Jett

Just saw a thing that JJ did just in 2014 and I swear that she was playing through something like a MM 130 watt head with the badges removed amd the name taped over. Think it was the rock and roll something awards. Anybody else notice that? Mike.

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more duct tape please

I think I saw that one, also had Billy Gibbons walking on stage. I don't understand this taping the amps thingy. Some get taped, some don't ..


Joan has always been a Musicman user...

Joan has always been a Musicman user. From "I Love Rock n' Roll" through most of the hits of the 80's it's a Melody Maker blasting through a Musicman. A little later she added a Boogie (MK III I believe) head plugged into a Vox AC30. I'm assuming the AC30 is cabinet (speakers) only... I'm not really sure if the amp itself is being used.

That video looks like some sort of Musicman head perched on the AC30 (normally reserved for the Boogie head). She used to use 212 combos.. I'm not sure how the head fits in.

Go dig out those 80's Joan Jett albums... it's Musicman overdrive tone at it's finest. I chuckle any time I hear someone say Musicmans have terrible overdrive... they just don't know how to dial it in.

Disclaimer... The Blackhearts had another guitar player (Ricky Byrd) during those big hits, I believe he used Marshall, and he was also the lead player. You can hear the distinct tones on those albums - they are separated left/right (with solo's down the middle).

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