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Front Grill Removal

How do you take the front grill cloth (and frame) off of a 112RP?

Take the four chassis screws off first? And then what?

Does the chassis slide out forward? Or is it hung from the four chassis screws?



You need good light and good tools.

Other than that, it's simple if a bit time consuming.

1. Unplug the amp if not already done
2. Remove upper and lower back panels
3. Remove the power tubes
4. Unplug the reverb tank and foot switch from amp chassis
5. Unplug speaker
6. Remove power cord retainer clamp
7. Remove chassis straps
8. Slide amp chassis out (through the back)
9. Remove speaker wire from speaker - if there is a retainer clamp for the reverb/footswitch/speaker wires on the baffle, remove this too
10. Remove reverb tank
11. Remove speaker
12. Remove speaker baffle screws
13. Carefully remove baffle - it may be quite stuck even after you remove the screws, be patient and don't use too much force as to break off wood
14. To remove grill cloth also take off badges

Hope this helps

Lars Verholt

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Front Grill Removal

Wow, thank you so much, Lars.

I'll copy this down and save it for reference.

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I have to remove the grill

I have to remove the grill first in my 115RD One Hundred, the faceplate won't clear, if I try to take the chassis out the back.


I've seen this happen too

There is a little bit (really, not much) play in the screw holes through the baffle supports (for lack of a better word). Sometimes the baffle will end up being up too high and make it very hard or almost impossible to get the amp chassis out. This is especially true if the grille cloth has been replaced and the staples are not in far enough.

Lars Verholt

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