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Alternate Solution? RD/RP models w/ LED


Brandon Smith
Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2005 - 03:21 pm:   

I'm wondering if this idea will work for RD/RP model amps as an alternate solution to adding LED to your footswitch without any rewiring. You would, however, have to not mind using a mismatched stomp box (for instance, the one previously mentioned by Steve at www.mcmelectronics.com, model # 555 3107). I don't know much about electronics, but it seems logical that you could use the aforementioned footswitch with the 1/4" wiring and just plug that into an adapter that has one 1/4" female connection and 2 RCA female connections, then plug an RCA cable into the RCA side and the other end of the RCA cable into your amp. Seems too simple to just work, but it might. I�m sure there has to be some specific mono/stereo configuration within the adapter if it even would work.

If anybody knows that this would work and has any advice or details on how exactly to make it work, please do reply with a post.

Also, if this will not work and anybody feels compelled to give some advice to an electronically incompetent individual on how to rewire a 1/4" connection to an RCA connection on a footswitch, please don�t hesitate to reply either. Thanks for looking, hope this helps in someway.