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Cab for 210RD, ohms?


Posted on Sunday, August 14, 2005 - 03:29 pm:   

I would like to get a 2x12 extension speaker for my musicman 210RD. What ohms do i want the extension cab to be and where do i set the ohm switch on the back of the amp to 4 or 8 ohms.? I dont have the 210RD in front of me so i cannot recall exactly what the options were.....plus i find the "instructions" on the back of these amps to often be misleading. My old Sunn is totally mismarked for example. If i understand it correctly for the 210RD i would need a 4 ohm extension cab and set the amp load to 4 omhs, is that correct? do i have any other options? I'd like to get the avatar 212 special but its 8 ohms. I tried to glean this info from the search function and the impedence thread but could not...thanks for your patience and advice.