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MusicManChassis Straps

Music Man Style Chassis Straps Available. Limited quantity.

It's true. After over a year of trying to find these things, I started to look into making them myself. I found a metal company in SC who made the tool for these. (not cheap) Had some stamped, then I had them nickel plated. First I put them on my own restored gorgeous modded Music Man amps, now I have some sets for sale.

I'm not a business or a manufacturer. I put these on eBay for sale, and once they are all gone, it's doubtful I'll make more. It took way longer and cost much more than it will ever return. But if you need em, you need em. These are the LONG Music Man straps, Like for 65's 75's and 130's NOT the little RD 50 ones! I have no plans to make those. If you have questions, do it through Ebay. Thanks everyone.


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Great Idea!

I was able to get my RD100 looking better with the steel wool trick, but still not great.

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MusicMan straps



Chassis straps

Link doesn't work anymore, guess they're all gone?
See Andy's worked his magic on your amp, I've the ODS II 25/50

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