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1974 212 HD130

I have a 212HD 130. I believe it is a first year issue, 1974. Its my favorite and has the cleanest, warmest sound with my 1964 VOS reissue Gibson ES 335. I bought this amp used in 1981. Question I have is, based on my research, I'm certain it's a 1974. However, I think the speakers were replaced at some point. I can't identify the speaker manufacturer. I could use you help. I have included my amp's info and pics for you more knowlegible than I. Look forward to you comments.

12AX7 onboard
Chassis: 2475-130
S/N C000630
Transformers: 606-4-09 606-4-23
Speaker stamp: E7127045


Speaker pic

Here's the speaker.


Amp back

Here's the back.


Pyle speakers?


I had a 212-65 from the 1970s that had Pyle speakers installed.

Here's a link to the amp with some pictures: https://davesguitar.com/products/music-man/212-sixty-five-combo-77/

I see some resemblance, but I'll let you be the judge.

Great looking amp! Enjoy!

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