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Canadian music June 3 2017

Finally somebody recorded House Brand in actual HD. While you might argue that the picture should not be in HD as to obscure our features, my Music Man stack would also be obscured somewhat. On the audio side there is no doubt though - HD is the way to go. I will freely admit, I think my guitar sounds purdy sweet on this track. For a while I've been waffling about my tremolo sound and for this show I decided to lay it on a little thicker with the intensity knob close to 3 and speed at a healthy 7.

Song is by a Canadian country rock band called Blue Rodeo - not sure how known they are outside of here.



Lars Verholt


Blue Rodeo

Hey Lars,

I'm a big fan of Kathleen Edwards (who's sung with them) as well as the Bros. Landreth. Must be something in the Canadian Water.

Amp sounds great


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