New Website Information!

A New Music Man Amps web site is born...

We finally have a complete redesign for the Music Man Amps web site! Thanks to the
efforts of MM Amps member Jochen Wendebaum (Sweden), this new site has become a
reality! Jochen approached me some time ago to offer his professional services for the
redesign of the site (which was originally created back in 1998 and has been "dated" for
quite some time). He finally convinced me to start this "remodeling project" and after
some discussion, Jochen cranked out the new site in record time!

A Few Notes about the New Music Man Amps Roll-out:

1. It is preliminary but complete. The look may change as we get to know it better.

2. ALL registered users have been added to the member list but each member must
re-register in order to have posting priveleges. The system will send a confirming
email message with a confirmation link to click on to enable your access.

3. Any posting done to the old Forums in the last week are dropped and NOT included in
the new site. This was unavoidable but necessary as we had to "freeze" it at some point.

4. All of the forum postings prior to last week have been included in the new forum
however, the original poster/date of message topic is lost due to the transfer process.
Refer to the archived original forum to find any of this information.

5. The original MM Amps website and forum will be accessible for archival purposes but
the forums will be frozen as of April 8, 2014 with no further postings possible.

6. The temporary "Introduction" page (with the link buttons to both sites and this info
file) may be taken down at some point in the future.

New Features to look for...

The new site features auto-registration, better handling of photos and attachments, a
a modern search and message indexing system and can scale for use with mobile
devices! I have not totally explored all facets of the new site but it is really exciting to
discover all the neat new features this design brings with it!

Last but not least...

I would also like to thank Jochen for all the hard work he did to preserve all the
information from the old site. There is a lot of work transferring the thousands of
messages and keeping all the relationships intact! I would also like to thank our
former "Registration Moderator" Mike Kaus for all of his help doing site maintenance
and User Registration for me these last few years. His role will change but it should
be for the better since he won't be dealing with user registration (he lost that job
to automation!). Mike was also instrumental in testing the new design and helping me
create the Intro page. Let Mike or me know if you run into any problems and we will
take care of the bugs as they arise. Enjoy the new site!

Steve Kennedy
Pacific Music Services